Cocktail Mania

Cocktail Mania

You get to open hip bars and nightclubs all over the wordl

You get to open hip bars and nightclubs all over the world. You are a bartender trying to open cool and hip nightclubs and bars all over the world and become the best bar owner out there. To achieve this you prepare cocktails and serve them to your customers. The customer will approach you and let you know which cocktail he or she wants. You match all of the drink tiles in groups of three or more in order to clear that from the playing board. Once you have done this, you earn points and money. If you mismatch the groups, the glasses break and stay on the playing board until you make another match. This will also make you loose money.

Remember that you want the money to open new nightclubs and bars. You can get some extra help by using a bartender’s bag at the bottom of your screen. This bag has four items that will aid you while you are playing. Once you have used these aids, they will disappear for thirty seconds before reappearing for another use. Another bump in the road is the ethylic bar. This is an indicator that goes up every time you group tiles that are not on the drink request bar. Once it is full, everyone gets dizzy and that’s not good.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • A good matching game


  • The music can get annoying
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